Magerack Solar Mounting System is rail-based solar mounting system that is reliable, easy-to-install and cost-effective. It provides a complete line of roof attachment solutions for all types of sloped roofs. Its patented L-foot with flashing is the most popular roof attachments among installers. The tile hook is the strongest and most versatile tile hook. The steel-roof tile hook offers unique solutions for residential stone-coated steel roofs. The standoff comes with L-bracket that has up to 2” of lateral and vertical adjustment capability.


Magerack rails are strong and can support rail spans up to 8 feet. It comes in various lengths to help reduce unnecessary cut and in both clear and black anodized.

Features and Benefits

  • Made with extruded structural aluminum alloy 6061-T6.
  • Strong design that meets CBC 2013 and international building codes for up to eight-foot rail span.
  • Various lengths of rails minimizing wasteful cutoffs.
  • One size of bolts require only one size of socket.
  • UL 2703 compliance, PE certified and Class ‘A’ Fire Rating.

rail_black_300       tile_hook_steel_roof_assembled 200

Mid and End Clamps

Mid clamps and end clamps provide built-in bonding, one-size, up-facing bolts for easy installation.

Features and Benefits

  • Built-in bonding.
  • Universal end clamps.
  • One size of bolts that requires one size of sockets.
  • All bolts are inserted from top or outside, which enable installer to tighten the clamps easily and quickly with common wrench or drill.

universal_end_clamp_exploded 200       universal_end_clamp_assembled 200

mid_clamp_stainless_steel_assembled_expanded 200       universal_end_clamp       universal_end_clamp_expanded       mid_clamp_stainless_steel       mid_clamp_stainless_steel_expanded