Magerack Solar Mounting System is rail-based solar mounting system that is reliable, easy-to-install and cost-effective. It provides a complete line of roof attachment solutions for all types of sloped roofs. Its patented L-foot with flashing is the most popular roof attachments among installers. The tile hook is the strongest and most versatile tile hook. The steel-roof tile hook offers unique solutions for residential stone-coated steel roofs. The standoff comes with L-bracket that has up to 2” of lateral and vertical adjustment capability.

Rail Splice

Rail Splice with bonding capability connects two adjacent rails structurally and electrically.

Microinverter Mounting Kit

Microinverter Mounting Kit is attached to the rail through which microinverter, optimizer, etc. can be attached to the rail underneath the module.

Grounding Lug

Grounding Lug is attached to the rail with rail nut and there is no need for drilling.

Cable Clip

Cable Clip is clipped to the rail and has loop that can hold both module cable and microinverter cable.

Rail Nut

Rail Nut with bolt is used to attach roof attachments and other components to the rail.

Features and Benefits

  • UL 2703 compliance, PE certified and Class ‘A’ Fire Rating.
  • Ground lug is integrated with our rail and with no drilling required.
  • Cost-effective and complete mounting solution for residential solar installation.

rail_splice_bonding_clip_assembled 200       microinveter_mounting_kit_assembled_expanded 200       ground_lug_assembled 200       cable_clip_assembled_front 200       rail_nut