Magerack designs, manufactures and sells innovative solar mounting systems for the roof-top photovoltaic installation market. The Magerack Solar Mounting System is reliable, easy to install and cost-effective. The Magerack Solar Mounting System is a turn-key solar mounting solution for contractors and installers.

Magerack focuses on the design of the Magerack Solar Mounting System for sloped roof solar system installation. The system is in compliance with UL 2703 and has a Class ‘A’ file rating. The components have integrated bonding capability, so the system is bonded and grounded without using any WEEB or bonding jumper. This helps installers to significantly reduce installation time and cost. The pricing is very competitive and the overall cost for solar mounting is one of the lowest in the solar installation industry.

Magerack’s innovative and patented L-foot flashing significantly reduces installation time and cost. Magerack L-foot with Flashing is the most cost-effective L-foot with flashing available. The flashing is absolutely waterproof since it is one piece of aluminum with no holes on the surface where water runs off. After you align the L-foot and attach it to the rafter, you can install the flashing by simply inserting it under the upper roofing materials and attaching it to the L-foot with the bolt provided. It is so easy and straightforward to install that it is nearly impossible for installers to make mistakes and install it incorrectly.

Magerack has also developed rail-less solar mounting systems, MageMount and MageMount II, which dramatically reduce mounting cost and have complete mounting solutions for all roof types. MageMount and MageMount II are rail-less solar mounting systems that are installed like a rail-based solar mounting system with separate roof attachments and interlocking module connectors. It provides a complete solar mounting solution with roof attachments for all roof types at lower cost and reduced installation time with familiar and fewer components.

Strategically located in California, Magerack is at the epicenter of the U.S. solar market. With its technical expertise in solar mounting solutions and domain knowledge of the solar market in the U.S., Magerack provides complete and competitive solar mounting solutions to help installers, contractors and distributors provide the best services to their customers.