Magerack provides complete roof attachment solutions for all types of sloped roofs. They are compatible with rails from Magerack and also other manufacturers. The innovative and patented L-foot with flashing is a popular and versatile roof attachment for composite shingle roof. The flashing is absolutely waterproof since it is one piece of aluminum with no holes on the surface where water runs off.

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L-foot with Flashing

The patented L-foot with Flashing provides easy and effective solution for waterproofing roof penetrations on composition shingle roofs.


Standoff is roof attachment for installation on any roof types, especially new roof or area with high wind or topographic requirement.

MageFoot Mounting Kit with Mid Clamp

MageFoot Mounting Kit with Mid Clamp is attached to comp shingle roof through MageFoot bracket and mounts two adjacent solar modules on the roof without using any rails.