MageMount is a rail-less solar mounting system that is installed like a rail-based solar mounting system with separate roof attachments and interlocking module connectors. It provides a complete solar mounting solution with roof attachments for all types of sloped roofs at lower cost and reduced installation time with familiar and fewer components. It doesn’t require rails or clamps. It utilizes solar module that comes with MageFrame designed by Magerack Corporation. It is designed with focus on easing installation and reducing installation time and cost. MageMount rail-less solar mounting system works with solar modules compatible with MageFrame only.

Solar Modules with MageFrame

Solar module must have frame that is compatible with MageFrame. MageFrame is a proprietary module frame designed by Magerack Corporation. It has a slot on the vertical outside of the module frame, through which module connectors, roof attachments, ground lugs, accessory mounting brackets and other mounting components can be attached to the module with MageBolts.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple design with slightly more material than regular frame.
  • Same assembly method without altering assembly line for PV module manufacturers.
  • Can be installed with rail-based or other rail-less mounting methods.
  • Solar array can be any layout, portrait, landscape, staggered, mixed, etc. 
  • Can be installed in any directions, top-down or bottom-up.
  • Built-in bonding in all components including all roof attachments.

layout_landscape 200     layout_portrait 200     

layout_mixed 200                     

Module Connectors

A module connector connects two adjacent modules structurally. A module connector has top and bottom parts. One part slides into the slot of one module and other part into the slot of the other module. The two parts are connected with a bolt, thus it connects two adjacent modules. The module connector has integrated multiple-use bonding pins. Once module connector is tightened, the two adjacent modules are bonded through the bonding pins on module connector. The binding pins on module connector can be used multiple times.

Features and Benefits

  • Separate from roof attachment.
  • Can be installed at any location along module edges.
  • Simple drop-down assembly.
  • Interlock modules structurally and electrically.
  • Built-in bonding.
  • Extremely cost-effective and easy-to-install module-connecting device.

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