MageMount is a rail-less solar mounting system that is installed like a rail-based solar mounting system with separate roof attachments and interlocking module connectors. It provides a complete solar mounting solution with roof attachments for all types of sloped roofs at lower cost and reduced installation time with familiar and fewer components. It doesn’t require rails or clamps. It utilizes solar module that comes with MageFrame designed by Magerack Corporation. It is designed with focus on easing installation and reducing installation time and cost. MageMount rail-less solar mounting system works with solar modules compatible with MageFrame only.

Accessory Mounting Bracket

Accessory Mounting Bracket is attached to a module with MageBolt, through which microinverter, optimizer, etc. can be attached to the back of the module.

Skirt and End Caps

Skirt is attached to the front row of a solar array for aesthetic looking. It comes with mounting brackets, end caps and screws.

Cable Clip

Cable Clip is clipped to a module and has two loops that can hold both module cable and microinverter cable.

Grounding Lug

Grounding Lug is attached to a module with MageBolt and there is only one grounding lug needed for one solar array.


MageBolt is the bolt that can be used to attach any component to a module. All roof attachments and other components come with it. It can also be purchased and used to attach other manufacturers' mounting components to the module with MageFrame.

Comp Conduit Mount

Comp Conduit Mount can be used to secure conduit on composition shingle roof, through which electrical wires are protected from roof environment. It uses similar patented L-foot with Flashing that provides easy and effective solution for waterproofing roof penetrations on composition shingle roofs.

Tile Conduit Mount

Tile Conduit Mount can be used to secure conduit on tile roof, through which electrical wires are protected from roof environment. It is height adjustable and can be used on both flat tile roof and curved tile roof with or without batten installed.

Features and Benefits

  • As strong as rail-based system.
  • Fewer roof penetrations.
  • Lower cost and reduced installation time. 
  • Built-in bonding in all components.