Why Choose Magerack

  • Magerack Means Lower Cost – Our system can help reduce your mounting cost down to as low as $0.1/Watt! L-foot with Flashing for only $4.50/set! (See details.)

  • Magerack Means Easy Installation – Built-in integrated bonding! NO WEEB, NO Bonding Jumper, NO Drilling needed! (See details.)

  • Magerack Means Strong and Reliable Products UL 2703 certified. Designed and PE certified for up to 8 ft. rail span! Magerack also provides 20-year limited warranty (See details.)

  • Magerack Means Absolute Waterproofing – Our unique patented design on flashing assures NO Water will ever leak and damage the roof! (See details.)




Magerack’s mission is to provide the best solar mounting solutions that are reliable and durable, easy to install and cost effective to photovoltaic users.

Magerack offers the best solar mounting solutions to our photovoltaic customers through contractors and installers. Our objective is to build a long-term relationship with our distributors and installers, enabling them to provide high quality products and services to their customers. We view ourselves as a strategic partner of contractors and installers in solar industry.